posting guidelines and rules (Must Read)

Welcome To Desishoot Posting Guidelines

– Watermarked Videos And Pics To Other Sites Not Allowed 

-Don’t use any short links

1. All posts must be entirely in English.

2. Do not use CAPS ,Special Fonts and Characters in title!

3. Use at least one  thumbnails when posting videos or zipped images. (DO NOT post password protected zip files )

4. Yours screencaps should be biggest 225 x 225 px.

5. Аlways include text information with file size, file type and playing time when posting video /  zipped images links.

6. Include sample one image with zipped images when posting picture links. (DO NOT post password protected zip files )

9. Do not post your or others’ personal information Like : (Name , Address , Phone number , Email ID , Social Media ID)

10. DO NOT post files without file extension or wrong different extension.

11. Do not Upload Files by archiving the content and  adding the other site information.

12. Do not post watermarked videos or images.

13. DO NOT post links to websites, blogs, folders or other forums. 

14. Do Not Use Any short Links.

15. NEVER use a pay-site or any site name in usernames thread titles, posts titles, link names or text of posts.

16. No Child Porn No Under 18 year (Nude Or Non Nude), No Rape, No Violence, No Animal Sex or No illegal porn !.